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About ethilog SAS

Smart Unit Dose Solutions
At ethilog we believe medication safety in hospitals can significantly be improved while reducing the workload of careworkers and the overall cost of medication distribution. ethilog develops unit dose medication dispensing solutions based on simple and proven industrial concepts adapted to the specific needs of hospitals. These solutions can be implemented gradually without huge upfront investments and without the need to redesign all logistics processes. The result: fast implementation of full unit dose traceability resulting in high medication safety, fast payback and more time for your careworkers to spend with their patients.

Our History

2008- In 2008 we discover the need for improving medication logistics in hospitals to reduce medication errors and to reduce careworkers workload. With an industrial background we start thinking about possible ways to improve and to automate the medication logistics flows in hospitals.

2010 - In march 2010 our concepts have matured and we start-up a company in Loos (France). During 2010 we build our first proof of concepts and we become Laureate of 'Concours National du Ministère de la Récherche - Catégorie Emergence' in France

2011 - Early 2011 we file a series of patents and start building the first prototypes. Later in the year we finalise our first round of financing, and again we are Laureate of 'Concours National du Ministère de la Récherche - Catégorie Création et Développement' in France. We become Laureate Réseau Entreprendre Nord and Laureate LMI Innovation and join these dynamic entrepreneur networks

2012 - A lot of fine tuning in 2012 resulting in our first pilot installations being up and running. We also sign a first distribution agreement. We start showing our equipment to the world...

2013 - From 2013 on our '1 ID' series of unit dose production and dispensing solutions are available to selected customers. Join ethilog in setting a new standard in smart unit dose logistics !

Our Team

  • Stefaan Dewulf
  • Henry Shaw
  • Nicolas Silvestre
    Field Service
  • Renaud Tournier
    Project manager
  • Job vacancies
    Commercial, technical and IT positions open
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